China A50 stock price chart : China blue-chip stocks China A 50 Index Components List

SZSE:399310 CNI A50 Index (国证A50指数) : The Index commprehensively considers the sector structure, companies' market value rankings and sector rankings. Theindex aims to reflect the performance of core enterprises in the A-share stock market. Ticker: 399310. Calculation: Adjusted Free-float Market Cap. Base Date: 2010/5/31. Base Value: 1000. Market Breakdown (Number of Constituents and weight): SZSE Main Board 10 (23.74%), SME Board 8 (10.48%), ChiNext Board 6 (9.22%), SSE Main Board 26 (56.56%). Top 10 Constituents and weight: Kweichow Moutai (SSE:600519, Consumer Staples, 10.06%), Ping An (SSE:601318, Financials, 9.00%), CMB (SSE:600036, Financials, 5.91%), HR (SSE:600276, Health Care, 4.67%), Wuliangye (SZSE:000858, Consumer Staples, 4.49%), Midea Group (SZSE:000333, Consumer Discretionary, 4.34%), Gree (SZSE:000651, Consumer Discretionary, 4.03%), Luxshare-ICT (SME:002475,Information Technology, 3.21%), Vanke-A (SZSE:000002, Real Estate, 2.66%), ICBC (SSE:601398, Financials, 2.65%).

FTSE–Xinhua China A50 Index (XIN9, SGX:CN) : Xinhua (新华) = Xinhua News Agency (新华通讯社). Index Identifier is XIN9. FTSE China A50 Index tracks the performance of the largest 50 ‘A’ shares companies in China and is comprising the largest 50 A Share companies by full market capitalisation of the securities listed on the Shanghai stock exchanges (SSE) and Shenzhen stock exchanges (SZSE). Free-float adjusted, market capitalisation-weighted index. Quoted in Chinese Renminbi Yuan (CNY).