London LSE: ULVR Unilever plc stock price chart (Euronext: UNA, NYSE: UL)

Unilever plc (LSE: ULVR, Euronext: UNA, NYSE: UL) : British multinational consumer goods company. It is the largest producer of soap in the world. Its products include food, confections, energy drinks, baby food, soft drinks, cheese, ice cream, tea, cleaning agents, coffee, pet food, bottled water, toothpaste, chewing gum, frozen pizza, pregnancy tests, juice, margarine, beauty products, personal care, breakfast cereals, pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products, etc. It owns over 400 brands. Its major brands include Axe/Lynx, Dove, Omo, Heartbrand ice creams, Hellmann's, Knorr, Lipton, Lux, Magnum, Rexona/Degree, Sunsilk and Surf. FTSE 100 component (ULVR), AEX component (UNA). Industry : Consumer goods. Founded in 1929 by a merger of the operations of Dutch Margarine Unie and British soapmaker Lever Brothers. Headquarters : London, England, UK.