China SSE:601888 China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation Limited stock price chart 中免集团 : 中国旅游集团中免股份有限公司

China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation Limited (SSE: 601888) 中国旅游集团中免股份有限公司(中免集团, 中国中免) : China Duty Free Group Co., Ltd. (CDFG) is the state-owned enterprise. CDFG has been among the largest international duty free operators. Its parent company is China Tourism Group Co., Ltd (CTG, 中国旅游集团有限公司). Based in Beijing, China. Founded in 1984.

China International Travel Service Corporation Limited (CITS) (SSE: 601888) 中国国旅股份有限公司 (中国国旅) : Chinese state-owned leisure and tourism corporation. It is engaged in travel services, duty-free trade, real estate development and management, communications and transport, E-commerce. It is one of the largest Chinese tourism enterprises. Industry : Tourism, Leisure. SSE 50 Component. Headquarters: Beijing, China. Established in 2008.