China SSE:603993 China Molybdenum Company Limited stock price chart 洛陽欒川鉬業股份 (中國鉬業, 洛陽鉬業, 欒川鉬業, 洛鉬, 鉬業)

China Molybdenum Company Limited (SSE: 603993, SEHK: 3993) 洛陽欒川鉬業股份 (中國鉬業, 洛陽鉬業, 欒川鉬業, 洛鉬, 鉬業) : Chinese metal and phosphate mining company. It is the largest molybdenum producer in Mainland China and top 5 in the world. It is one of the largest tungsten producers in the world, and is the second largest Cobalt and Niobium Producer, and the leading Copper producer worldwide. Industry : Metal and Phosphate mining. SSE 50 Component. Headquarters: Luoyang, Henan, China. Founded in 1982.